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In Pigfarm we have developed a unique group of companies which is focussed on the water purification, sterilisation and disinfecting industries.


The roots of the group have developed through support and application of earlier technology including Electrolysed Water (EW, EOW or EO, also known as electrolyzed oxidizing water, electroactivated water or ionyzed water solution) in its earliest form.


We have brought to the above industries earlier experiences which have enabled us to better deliver potential and application of Electrolyzed Water technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a large scale. This gives us a strong technical edge over our competition and allows us to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.

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We started PigFarm Organic Store in order to source organic produce directly from local farms.


The year was 2014. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


Our Goal: The goal was (and still is) to provide a service where local farms are given priority and members are able to access the freshest organic items available at a fair price.

Smart Logistics


Delivering our produce to your place is an easy task for our company!

Products Range


We are growing a multitude of different vegetables, fruits and grains...

Quality Matters


We’re determined to keep up the quality of all of our farming products as nigh as possible

Seasoned Team


Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their knowledge.

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How Much Is A Pig?


In this post, we will discuss our pricing policy that was recently changed for good.

What’s in Pig Food?


We feed our pigs with high-quality vegetables and fruits that contain a range vitamins and minerals.

Swine Feed and Nutrition


This process has its own peculiarities. Do you want to know them? Read this article.

18 June 2018
22 June 2018

In one of the sheds, the farrowing crates are positioned on top of grower pens, so that the waste and afterbirth from the sows.



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Welcome to Our Pig Farm


We raise and breed domestic pigs of all kinds and produce different food products for almost three centuries. Contact us to get pork or bacon of the highest quality just right now. We will proceed your order quickly and deliver your parcel right to your house door.


Our pig farming company is available 24/7 via free phone live and live chat. Or leave us a ticket if you want to take advantage of alternative contact method.

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